Annual Publications

Life Magazine is a unique co-curricular activity where our students are groomed to be future  reporters and journalists. Students ingather information about an event/news in the school. It could be any co-curricular activity, sports or any news or happening in the campus. Then, they dig out all details, and then type a report on the laptops in the English Room. Although this activity is totally new for them but their energy seems to be infinite! Students are getting confident in conducting interviews as well. Their alertness, thought process, creativity, and writing skills are all undergoing a dramatic change through this process. Once the article is finalized,it is printed along with the photos which are pasted, and then the students  proudly pin it on the boards named as 'The Modern School Life Magazine'.
This magazine is of five big pages put up on the entrance wall of the school! Somewhat like five pages of a newspaper!!
Our juniors are no less. They also show a keen interest in writing reports and then pasting on the boards which are three in number and are  put on a wall in the junior wing.

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