Chairman's Message

Everyone is born with a phenomenal mental and spiritual power within oneself. Right from the time when you are born this extra ordinary power manifests itself when a child begins his or her age of inquiry. This inquiry of the world around us leads to discovery of the nature of man within and his surroundings which we call learning. Education is the next step on this march of learning when we broaden our mental faculties with tools such as reading, writing, mathematics the history of what our fore fathers did and all the scientific subjects besides numerous other sub subjects. These are simply tool s for the progress of education. The perfection of these tools leads us to what we call the acquisition of degrees. The higher one attains education the higher the degrees. It is within the reach of every student to reach this stage of excellence. As the great scientist of German origin Einstein settled in the United States of America once said genius is ninety nine point nine percent hard work. This is of course very true. If we work hard with a sustained effort we can attain a stage when or end result would be nothing short of a genius. Applied hard work leads us to achieve the work of a genius. However, this cannot be achieved unless we discipline our mental and physical faculties. It is well known that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. That is why so much emphasis is laid on physical exercises such as all sorts of games which fine tune our body for mental output.

A prefect human being is one that combines the excellence of education tempered with moral and good behaviour. Without this social aspect education remains a tree without leaves. It is bereft of any good. Here is where spirituality clothes our education. Our rich Indian spiritual heritage is the beacon by which we can advance our education to temper modern scientific discoveries and become leaders or our society. This is why western science and technology is today turning east when we turn west.

I greatly look forward to our school instilling in our students the values of science and technology whole drawing inspiration from the values of our great spiritual masters of yore.

Dr. Ravi Singh
Trustee, Saraswati Vidyak Trust
-cum- Chairman
Modern Senior Secondary School, Patiala

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