Chairman's Message

Sat Sri Akal! Namaskaar!

Modern Senior Secondary School and Modern Nursery School, Patiala, continue to go through a great transformation. In the last three years, we have been taking concrete steps with the aim of becoming the best school in Punjab in the near future. We are upgrading the entire gamut of school life including academics, sports and co-curricular activities. The school already has smart classrooms and an excellent library. We have several toppers. Our children, who graduate from class 12, are getting into top universities and colleges including IIT, NIT, PEC, Thapar University and medical colleges around the country.

Recently, we appointed one of the leading educationists in the country, Ms. Anuradha Sen, as Director of the schools. She is re-designing the entire academic programme of the schools, so that learning becomes more interesting, interactive and engaging. We have also appointed a new Head of Modern Nursery School, Ms Sarpreet Kaur, who is upgrading facilities for the little ones and making pre-school warm and fun!

Our real USP is our vision. Our founder, Sardar Mohan Singh, is remembered as a giant – a man of the highest ethical and social values. The school is therefore not just providing education, but the highest standard of education + good moral values. Conventional education by itself is half-baked. It is when education - of the highest standard - is sweetened with a noble vision and good values, that children are equipped to become positive contributors to society - thereby enriching their own lives as well. We are working on this at every level now. For example, when gardening was introduced as one of the co-curricular activities, we turned it into organic gardening. The children are also being encouraged to take the vegetables they grow organically and share it with their families and people who are more in need. Our children are also doing regular community service, yoga, etc. We have also decided to make a beautiful meditation room. This will provide a serene space to students to reflect, pray or simply be in quietude.

The school is a home away from home. We are working to provide our children with the right tools for success. And we want them to LOVE their school. Come... join us in this beautiful journey!

Warm regards,


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