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Sr. Mohan Singh

Mrs. Raj Mohan Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh



Brief History and Profile of the School

Modern Senior Secondary School runs under the aegis of Saraswati Vidyak Trust. This is a private, unaided educational institution, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi vide Affiliation No - 1630583 and School Code - 25345.

This institution has been serving this historical city with sincerity and dedication ever since its inception on the 9th January, 1948, when Sardar Mohan Singh, the Author of Saraswati Vidyak Trust, founded the school with a far reaching vision to serve the cause of education in an innovative manner. At that, time the older schools continued to cling to the tradition of separate education for boys and girls. The city needed an independent co-educational high school that would maintain the excellent standards available in the public schools and would also be sensitive to the ever changing concepts of learning. Thus conceived, the school developed its independent formidable character.

The school started functioning in an old rented building with spacious grounds. The first Principal of the school, Mrs. Jai Chopra started with the first batch of just six students. With a missionary zeal, she set about nurturing the budding sapling into a flourishing and fruiting tree. Under the patronage of S. Mohan Singh and the administrative skills of Mrs. Chopra the school crossed one hurdle after another and soon became one of the leading schools of Patiala.

After the demise of Sardar Mohan Singh, the Founder President, the responsibility of the school fell on the shoulders of Sardarni Raj Mohan Singh. Like her late husband, she also devoted herself to the welfare and growth of the school. Though not an educationist herself, she intuitively knew what was best for the school. Her loving and helpful attitude always encouraged the management and the staff of the school. Her loving and motherly concern about others inspired everyone who had the good fortune to work under her guidance.

From October, 1987 onwards, the whole responsibility for managing the affairs of the school was bestowed on Dr. Ravi Singh, as “President” of the school, also a trustee of the Saraswati Vidyak Trust. He holds a Doctorate in international Law. Being a renowned scholar himself, he has a very progressive outlook towards education and this has been a blessing for the school. Being a sacred soul with modern outlook, he is well aware the compulsions of modern life and hence understands the need for an educational system which would be compatible with the socio-cultural ethos of our times. Therefore, he always welcomes new ideas and innovations that would help the school to forge ahead. Under his patronage, able and continuing stewardship and farsighted vision, owing to his higher education and working exposure of over two decades in several advanced countries of the world, the school has vastly expanded both in terms of size and quality of output.

Mrs. Chopra was elevated to the post of Director on 31st August, 1986 while the role of Principal was bestowed on Mrs. Reena Sophat, who continued to consolidate on the progress made by the school and helped the school to reach newer heights. On 1st September, 2001, she became the Executive Director and Mrs. Pratibha Sharma took over as Principal. On retirement of Mrs. Pratibha Sharma on 30th June, 2005, Mrs. Gursharan Kaur Aurora took over as Principal with zealous responsibility of steering the school to still newer heights of success and accomplishments. She retired on December 31, 2010 and Lt. Col. (Dr) R.K. Sharma took the charge of the school as Principal.

The buildings and the vast grounds housing the school were later purchased by the school. Over the last six decades several new class rooms, Laboratories, Nursery, Home Science Room, a fully computerized Library and a Computer Hall have been constructed. This sprawling complex adequately meets the academic and co-curricular needs of more than 2500 students.

However, it is not just bricks and mortar that make an institution. It is the values and ideals that it propagates. The aim of this school has always been to impart an education which is in tune with the rich cultural ethos of the Indian society. The school does not believe in the concept of producing pseudo westerners divorced from the realties of Indian life. Although the good points of the western systems of education are incorporated into our mode of teaching, yet we ensure that our students cultivate the enduring virtues of the rich Indian ideological and cultural heritage through a judicious blend of the traditional and modern ways of teaching.

The motto of the school is “KNOWLEDGE IS LIGHT” and the aim of the school is to illumine the minds and souls of its students with the light of knowledge and enduring human values so that they may become good and responsible citizens not only of this country but of the world as well.

The slogan of the school symbolizes the inherent oneness that permeates the hearts and souls of all human beings. It echoes the thought " No men are foreign, no countries  strange" All the students and teachers recite the slogan in the assembly every morning , thus reiterating their faith in universal brotherhood:

           " ONE COUNTRY, ONE GOD,
                ONE CASTE, ONE MIND,
                                            WITHOUT DIFFERENCE, WITHOUT DOUBT"




         Sr. Mohan Singh

Mrs. Jai Chopra

         Mrs. Raj Mohan Singh

Mrs. Reena Sophat

         Dr. Ravi Singh

Mrs. Pratibha Sharma


Mrs. Gursharan Kaur Aurora


Lt.Col.(Dr.) Rajinder Kumar Sharma (Retd.)


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